Classified Website Submission Software For Advertisement. Submit to multiple cities in hundreds of classified websites. Generate high quality FREE traffic and rank top in Google....

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***** SubmissionChamp 15 was released with following new features on July 19th, 2014*********

  • check Support for automatic proxy change based on City/state if you have HMA VPN Pro installed. Order HMA VPN PRO here
  • check Added a new site support for
  • check Simplified adding a new site. Right click on a classified site field and map with a submissionChamp field.
  • check Updated Instruction manual.
  • check Schedule a time to respost your expired advertisement.
  • check Brand new User friendly Interface.
  • check support for Spintax to create unique contents.
  • check WysiWYG HTML Editor For your advertisment.
  • check Submit to Multiple nearby cities .
  • check Track viewers who viewed your adv.
  • check Support for Windows 8 and IE 9.
  • check Easy Gmail Creation.
  • check Easy DeathByCaptcha support.
  • check Easy Import multiple controls while adding a new site.
  • check Easy Automatic update check and prompt/install when update is available.
  • check Use different profile with different proxy.
  • check Automatically load all the profiles and submit.
  • check Save advertisements and reload and resubmit.
  • check Create different profiles for your cleints and reload.
  • check Automatic new sites update when SubmissionChamp starts up.
  • check 25 already built in Classified sites. Ability to add hundreds more.
  • check Mass Adv Import from CSV,XSL File.
  • check Auto conform with Hotmail, Gmail or custom Pop3 server.
  • check Submit to list of URLS from a text file.
  • check Submit to list of URLS from a text file.
  • check Submit to over 500 cities in in clicks for 14 niches. A value sold for over $1000 elsewhere. NEW
  • check Integrated with proxy rental. NEW
  • check Low monhtly fee. Cancel your subcription anytime for upcoming months.

Do you want to do business in US? Expose your business/service in US market? International marketers this is your opportunity to advertise your business in US state/cities. You can also add your local classified sites using SubmissionChamp add site feature. SubmissionChamp is your solution. SubmissionChamp not only automatically submits to classified websites, it will automatically create accounts for you. Although SubmissionChamp submits to the most important classified websites i.e. Ebay classified websites, backpage, Oodle etc..Do not post irrelevant content to the classified sites. This will get your account banned. SubmissionChamp will make your relevant posting easier so that you have more time to do other things. The latest version of SubmissionChamp allows you to automate submiting to any classified website using simple drag and drops. You can then share this new site with others. Every time you share a new site you will be elligible to add one of your websites to SubmisionChamp. Your site will be randombly displayed to other users when SubmissionChamp is launched. This will generate free traffic for your websites. Please also check out following links. SubmissionChamp video tutorials, How To's, Latest features and release info.

How to use SubmissionChamp in 5 simple steps

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How to automate any classified websites using SubmissionChamp

TOP 13 US Classifieds Websites (December 2012)

 | We have compiled the Best of the Best sites that accept free classifieds. Here you’ll find the list of Top US Classifieds websites. These websites provide free classified advertisements for selling and buying items, real estate, jobs, services, personals.

Here’s the latest data by
Updated: October 18, 2010

Monthly Normalized Metrics / September 2010
Unique Visitors Monthly Change Yearly Change
59,758,345 -2.40%
-6.47% 3,687,276 +3.00%
+7,604.62% 3,641,860 +0.38%
+39.96% 2,733,685 +15.82%
+31.65% 2,190,829 -6.86%
+131.84% 1,155,724 -3.62%
-27.94% 1,062,792 -10.72%
+66.85% 418,764 -8.37%
-21.50% 383,616 -14.03%
+69.97% 362,722 -0.76%
-15.93% 321,275 -2.03%
-3.58% 293,189 +1.86%
+26.07% 281,346 -6.34%

You may already know that building links to your website is the most important and most effective way of getting better search engine rankings. The more backlinks you get, the more traffic will be generated for your website. Submitting the most popular classified site alone can boost your number of unique visitors. Some people are just only submitting to one classified site. It's worked for us, and it's worked for thousands of our users who have seen their visitor numbers and profits from their website explode, using nothing more than SubmissionChamp - just read the testimonials further down the page for proof of its effectiveness.

Here's what you get with SubmissionChamp...

  check Submit to classified websites i.e. ebay, backpage .
  check Automatic account creation.
  check Automatic email confirmation with Gmail.
  check Support for proxy.
  check Free customization. (NO extra charges for customization!).
  check Free software updates for life (no additional charge).
  check Free classified listings updates for life (no additional charge).
  check Classified lists updates every 7 days or less.
  check Spin your advertisement to different classified sites.
  check Free customer support.

SubmissionChamp is a classified submission software allows you to creates accounts, submit to classified websites and confim your post  all within this software. The UI is very user friendly and almost no learning curve.. Using SubmissionChamp will result in more traffic, more sales, and more importantly: more money in your pocket! Read on to find out how...

SubmissionChamp: Submit Data Screenshot

Website Submission Video Demo

SubmissionChamp: Classified Sites Screenshot

Article Submission Video Demo

SubmissionChamp: Add new site Screenshot

Website Submission Video Demo

How to create classified accounts using submissionChamp

Create accounts and submit to Classifed websites using SubmissionChamp

Now $24.99/mo. was $45/mo.

Get instant access - even at 2 am

Testimonial From a User:

We initially created our software only with the most poupar classified site because we needed a way of submitting our advertisement quickly and easily. It worked so well for us that we decided to release it as a tool for other webmasters. SubmissionChamp was the result, and now we added more classfied websites.

So how did our websites fair after using SubmissionChamp? Well, we used SubmissionChamp on three of our other websites and we now make on average over $1,100 in just one day from just one of these sites. Want to know the secret to our success? Every week we submit a new ad to the classified websites. It brings new visitors each week. Some of them visit our sites every now and then for updates.

We've not done anything extraordinary; we aren't geniuses or brilliant salesmen, we just created good guides that people find useful, and worked on promoting the website - if we can do it, so can you!

So what are Classified websites?

Classifieds ads became the most popular mediums to promote a business or its products and services. In fact, such a ads plays a very important role in selling and buying all types of products and services. In this modern world, people look for the pages of online classified sites if they want to buy any products. If want to buy a treadmill or put your house for rent, classified websites can bring you the best reusult for your buck. When buyers find  products of their requirement, they contact the seller or they merely click to the website to find extensive and exciting information about the product available for selling.

Submitting to classified will therefore have two massive benefits: the first is that your ad will get direct, targeted buyer from the classfied websites, secondly your ad will obtain a good quality, one-way link from every directory you submit to. This will drastically improve your search engine rankings and Google PageRank, often moving your website many pages in the search engine results.

SubmissionChamp Box for directory submission tools

How Does SubmissionChamp Work?

The two most time-consuming aspects of submitting your ad/website to Classified website is firstly finding a list of good quality classfied websites to submit to, and then actually typing your ad/website details for every directory you submit to. If you've ever tried to submit your ad/website or article to a lot of classfied websites, you'll understand just how time consuming this can be, especially if you operate more than one website!

SubmissionChamp solves all of these problems by providing you with a list of quality classifed websites and also listing the Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank, and Incoming Backlink count for every classified sites so you can prioritize which directories to submit to. You can then work through the list, and using the built-in 'Auto-Fill' function it is possible to enter your submission details with the click of a button, without the need to re-type your details for every classfied sites you submit to - which makes the submission process incredibly quick. More over, you can submit unique content to different classfied site by seperating the synonyms using commas and enclosing them using # signs. For an example, if you type

My product is the {best| greatest} of its kind.

SubmissionChamp will submit it as "My product is the best of its kind." is some of the sites and "My product is the greatest of its kind." in some sites. The more synonyms you use, the more unique the ad will be.

Without any exaggeration, by using SubmissionChamp you can do in an hour what used to take days.

Want more proof? Look further down the page for more testimonials from our users.....

A banner advertising SubmissionChamp

What Features Does SubmissionChamp Provide?

  • Image of a tick Submit to high page ranked classified websites.
  • Image of a tick Create accounts automatically.
  • Image of a tick Randmise your ad title and description
  • Image of a tick Access classified websites what others share.
  • Image of a tick Help you to customize the software for your needs free of charge
  • Image of a tick Free software and classified sites updates for life.
  • Image of a tick Save your profile so that you dont have to type each time you submit.
  • Image of a tick Automatically login to your email after creating account or submitting your ad so that you can confirm them.
  • Image of a tick Visually submit to the sites right in front of your eyes so you will see the proof of submission.
  • Image of a tick Add your own notes for each directory.
  • Image of a tick A constantly reviewed and up-to-date listing of quality classified websites.
  • Image of a tick Full web browser navigation to display the current URL.
  • Image of a tick A step-by-step video demonstration and user guide should you have any questions. Failing that we are always happy to answer any questions you have.

What Benefits Will I Get From Using SubmissionChamp?

  • Image of a tick Increase your site popularity and presence in super-fast time. This includes improving your Google PageRank.
  • Image of a tick Obtain better search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Image of a tick You vastly improve the traffic reaching your site/ad, which of course will result in more sales.
  • Image of a tick Save hours / days of your time instead of manual submissions.
  • Image of a tick Get more successful submissions first time.
  • Image of a tick Submit unique contents to all of the classified websites in one go

What Benefits Will I Get From Using SubmissionChamp?

  • Image of a tick Increase your site popularity and presence in super-fast time. This includes improving your Google PageRank.
  • Image of a tick Obtain better search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Image of a tick You vastly improve the traffic reaching your site/ad, which of course will result in more sales.
  • Image of a tick Save hours / days of your time instead of manual submissions.
  • Image of a tick Get more successful submissions first time.
  • Image of a tick Submit unique contents to all of the classified websites in one go

Not convinced? Similar software being sold for lot more here!

Price Comparison
$24.95/mth for support
$24.99/mo. + Free support
Monthly Fee
$24.95/mth for support
Onboard Sites
Add New Sites
Free Updates
Account creation
De-Captcha support
Title Spinning
Adv Support
Email Verification
Submit to
Multiple Cities
Proxy Support
Multiple Profile
Auto Update Check

Now $24.99/mo. was $45/mo.

Get instant access - even at 2 am

OS Support

SubmissionChamp© uses .Net Framework 4.0 and only works on following environments:

Supported Operating System
Windows XP with latest Service Pack
Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2, Windows Vista Service Pack 2
Windows Vista SP2 (x86 and x64)
Windows 7 SP1 (x86 and x64)
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (x64)
Windows Server 2008 SP2 (x86 and x64)

Hardware Requirements:
1 GHz or faster processor
512 MB of RAM
850 MB of available hard disk space (x86)
2 GB hard drive (x64)

Refund Policy

All sales of SubmissionChamp are final and are non-refundable. By completing your purchase through PayPal, you agree that you are purchasing digital, non-tangible goods and as such are not entitled to a refund of said goods, regardless of the reason why.

We will, at our discretion, repair or replace any defective scripts, software or other products purchased from us, within a period of 60 days from the date of sale. You can cancel subscription and stop future payment at anytime from paypal. Support for technical problems is available on our Support Page for the lifetime of the product.

Here’s testimonial PROOF that it really works


"Great software at a reasonable price!"

SubmissionChamp is the best Classified websites out there. The price is very reasonable. I love the weekly software updates which add new classified sites each week.

- Rima Rao


"Got my house rented in a week"

"I needed to rent out my house which was sitting empty for few months. I used SubmissionChamp to submit my "For rent" ad. Withing a week I got a tenant. Thanks SubmissionChamp!"

- Brad Raynolds


Our Updates

Backpage Submitter update

SubmissionChamp 15 was released on 07/19/14. more...