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You’re about to discover the easiest and best effective method for getting increase in sales, real-time traffic and a large number of backlinks pinging to your website with just a few clicks!


Submitter Pro is an automated software developed to post classified ads to the classified ads marketplace where potential traffic can be targeted. It is a great time saver for all.

Classified ads are free effective method of advertising. An advantage of taking maximum benefits of this free classified ads advertising is provided by Submitter Pro.

A number of ads categories are available on classified sites over the net. Anyone can find best popular niche from these sites and earn huge profits including Internet marketers.

Many of you might be earning your livings from the classified ads marketplace but you would have to manage your classified ads manually thus investing a huge amount of time. With Submitter Pro – premium classified ads software, you can save your ads posting time and invest that precious time in increasing your marketing skills and earning more.

You get the power of scheduling ads and resubmitting them when the ads expire. With functionality will keep your ads active for long even when you forget about the ad you posted.

Every existing well known classified ads site have potential and loyal traffic of users.

You too may be looking for that potential buyers. Using Submitter Pro, you can simultaneously post the same ads to different sites at a time easily.  

To get started, you need to create a very powerful and convincing ad and then choose the suitable classified ads sites and the categories in which your powerful ads is to be posted. The verification process of ads via emails is also handled by Submitter Pro using POP3 or IMAP services.  

Addition of your favorite classified site to Submitter Pro is just a 1 minute process by filling the web address and name in Submitter Pro and then navigating to the site and submitting an ad manually within Submitter Pro and later on saving all actions for future automated use.

Key Features of Classified Ads software – Submitter Pro: s

  •  Automated Simultaneous Posting to Multiple Classified ads sites saving time and human efforts.      
  • Simple click process to add new classified ads sites.      
  • Unlimited number of ads submissions.      
  • Article spinner included for unique content creation.      
  • Proxy support .      
  • Multiple Submissions at a click.      
  • Scheduling of ads submissions.      
  • Resubmission on expiry of ads.      
  • Auto submission verification using POP3 or IMAP.  
  • Lifetime free software updates.  
  • Very low monthly fees.  
  • Free support over phone and email.  
  • Auto image posting.  
  • Easy to use classified ads editor.  
  • Tracking of ads posted.  
  • Import ads using Excel or CSV files

If you have been posting classified ads to multiple sites on daily basis then Submitter Pro is best software for you. It’s your precious time saving and high benefits generating key.

The best classified ads software proven Submitter Pro unifies all the classified sites in one interface.

  • Are you wanting to mobilize your product or service over the net?
  • Are you thinking that all cost-effective options to get better results for your services and products are a convincing way for companies to earn money?
  • Are you sick of wasting your precious time on the search of classified sites and posting ads manually?

The best answer to all above questions is Submitter Pro – Your Classified Ads Management Software.

The memberships of classified sites are generally free and a great place to interact with new interest users who surf these sites according to their interests who may be waiting for your products to appear in those sites.

Though Submitter Pro is developed to make automated posting of ads on classified sites but its helps your to get visibility of your company’s name over the net.  

The advantage of posting ads with a backlink to your website on the well known classified sites is that your website gets a better reputation in the search engines because of those classified sites and hence the links work as backlinks to your website and improves search engine ranking.

As you know that the life of these classified websites is forever and the search engines spider these sites regularly which in addition sends your links to the search engines’ spiders on regular basis.

Just think of it!

I’m sure, by know you must be thinking that how a software can increase traffic, increase sales, and backlinks.

Submitter Pro has been developed with love and a goal to help you save your time and get large increase in volume of sales. Starting with submitter pro is very easy with very low monthly fees.

A very short period discount is being offered by officials of Submitter Pro. Submitter Pro’s monthly fees is reduced to $15.99/month.

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Are you still thinking about the risk? $5.99 is a very small investment which can result in large sale volumes and saving of your precious time.

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